Oak Framed Garage Kits & Structures in Hastings

Expertly crafted timber garages and kits supplied across the UK. Choose from a bespoke option or readymade kit.

Acorn to oak

Oak Framed Garage Kits

Acorn to Oak is a specialist in traditionally made timber framed systems & buildings that use modular components alongside modern techniques.

Our design works around the requirements of each client, ranging from a simple structures to a full garage, all our products are made by our team in Hastings and shipped across the UK.



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Garage without Doors

Whether you want a garage for your family or specialist car. Perhaps a work or hobby space the framed garages are suitable for many applications. Customise with log stores or other options.


Garage With Doors

Garages are versatile and able to include doors whether it's a single bay or more. Add security and character with a variety of door or window options to make it unique and to your requirements..



Want to house multiple cars? Or perhaps have a section for your hobby or a workshop? Add multiple bays to include additional space for whatever the need. Our structures can be built specific for your requirements or needs.


Garage With room above

Our structures can also offer the ability have additional space above for storage, an office and any other use. Create a whole picturesque structure.


Fully bespoke

Have lots of space and want to create something really unique? Create your own structure using our configurator tool. Include many customisations such as doors, windows, staddle stones, colours options, different finishes and so much more.

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    As well as our online store or bespoke orders we have an eBay store will a collection of different readymade kits available for immediate purchase. One, Two or Three Bay structures available.

    Ready to go!


    Complete the form and what your idea is and a member of the team can give you a call to discuss the options and how we can help.

      Acorn 2 Oak Framing is a specialist timber framing company based in Hastings, England. From premade systems to full bespoke creations – We can help you create your dream home.

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