Oak Framed Three Bay Garage (Ready Made)


Oak Framed Three Bay Garage Building kit, Ready Made size – 9m wide x 5m deep x 3.85m ridge height. Bespoke sizes are available upon request.  Once you have chosen your product it will be sent to us and a member of the team will contact you regarding your order and speak to you regarding the necessary details.

Please confirm your selection or look for a bespoke structure.

For any questions or bespoke quotes, please contact us via our contact page.

  Estimated Delivery:  Jun 30 Jul 07

Oak Framed Three Bay Garage 9m wide x 5m deep x ridge height 3.85m

This will include:

  • 6×6 structurally graded oak post
  • 6×6 structurally graded oak lintel beams
  • 6×6 structurally graded oak tie beams
  • 6×3 structurally graded oak sole plates
  • Oak curved braces and tie beam braces
  • Air dried oak pegs
  • Larch weatherboard
  • Larch weatherboard capping
  • C24 4×2 studwork
  • C24 6×2 pre cut rafters
  • No.4 granite staddle stones
  • DPC
  • Fixings kit


  • Dividing wall
  • Doors

Delivery £1.50 per mile round trip


This product is supply only and will be delivered in kit form, it does not include erection. For any extra services please call.

Please contact Robert Ward 07725899860 or follow us on Instagram.