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Acorn to oak

Specialists in timber framing

Acorn to Oak is a specialist in traditionally made timber framed systems & buildings that use modular components alongside modern techniques. Our design work around the requirements of each client, ranging from a simple structures to a full garage or small porch, all our products are made by our team in Hastings.

Our Bespoke Oak Framed Structures

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ONE BAY building

from £2,800

TWO BAY building

from £3,100

THREE BAY building

from £4,100



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Behind the Scenes

Explore our workshop's artistry as we craft bespoke oak framed garages. From handpicked oak to the rhythmic sounds of skilled artisans shaping each piece, our blend of tradition and modern design ensures durability and timeless appeal in every structure we create.

Acorn To Oak


Acorn to Oak Framing: Your Timber Framing Experts. Explore Premade or Custom Solutions, Trusted by Verified Google Reviews.

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As well as our online store or bespoke orders we have an eBay store will a collection of different readymade kits available for immediate purchase. One, Two or Three Bay structures available.